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Other Trends – Was Jesus Jewish?

Well there is a lot of trends currently floating around and we have found a interesting one to dive into and discuss a bit with you. it revolves around Christianity and is a popular question that we will give our best to give a straight educated, researched answer to and that is was Jesus ...

Other Trends – Draft Kings & Fan duel Ripping People Off?

Many of us have experienced or have read on the internet about how popular fan duel and draft kings have been for the last few year. The question of the day is have fan duel and draft kings been ripping people off? We will be discussing our answer below and you will be surprised to know the answer ...

Other Trends – Account Hostage!

Account Hostage Are we the only one noticing how hard it is becoming to delete a social network account? This trend of account hostage is something to be aware of when deciding on which social network to join. For example, facebook is making it to delete your account with any of there ...

Other Trends – Top 10 Rappers Of All Time

we are a site about dating and trends so this is a trending question that we have brought you our answer to. Hip-hop and rap continues to evolve and still going strong today. The talent pool has changed to but the music genre was supposed to dry up and become irrelevant due to the lack of ...

Other Trends – Apple Search?

Will apple step up to the plate and release an apple search? We personally would love to see this idea play out. This is just an idea that has accumulated due to the fact that google searches are not as simple or straight-forward as they used to be and a company like apple, along with its ...

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