Date Night Ideas – 5 Ways To Have Fun On A Craft Beer-Themed Date Night

Craft beer is taking the modern world by storm. and for good reason! This special alcohol is made locally, by ordinary folks who have an interest in good beer. It is non-mechanized and non-corporate. And many more people are enjoying spending their date nights exploring this market. In fact, discovering the best brews may just make for the best dates. Take a look at some of these brew-inspired dates:

1. Check out a local movie theater that serves craft beer.

There are some fantastic alternatives out there to the old classic movie theater. Do an online search for movie theaters that serve dinner or alcohol while watching a film. Some smaller breweries are finding housing inside a movie theater. This means that you and your date can catch a film, eat dinner and try new beers all at the same time. Combining the novelty of the brewery with a standby date theme can really elevate your evening.

2. Find a festival dedicated to a micro-brewery.

Since micro-breweries are unique to their location, many host special events and even festivals. Events celebrating craft beer and local food make for excellent date opportunities. With music in the backdrop, these celebrations are sure to offer plenty of conversation starters and excitement.

3. Combine dinner and a brew.

What could be better than grabbing dinner and a drink? It is a classic maneuver for date-night planners, but there is a reason for this. Dinner offers an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere, while concentrating on conversation. Craft beer is even better when paired with the right culinary choices. Just take a look online for places that serve both local drink and food. There are probably more out there than you are aware.

4. Plan a night in with samples of local beers.

When all else fails, rent a movie and grab you some different choices at the local market. Buying a wide range of flavors and brands ensures that you receive a large sample. You could even receive bonus points from your date for setting up your evening like a brewery. Have sample-sized glasses available, as well as nuts, chips, cheese, fruit and other assorted snacks. Make scorecards so that you can review each brew together. You might just find this not only allows for unlimited fun and unique conversation, but you might also discover some great new micro-brews.

5. Make it a group outing!

Take the pressure off your lone date and invite a whole slew of people. Whether it be close friends, fun co-workers, family members or mutual dating couples, turning your date night into a fun group event can take the pressure off you. Adding folks to your party can also provide for a few group discounts. Plus, visiting those festivals and movie theaters can be a lot more entertaining with multiple people. Just make sure your date knows some of the people who are tagging along. And always make sure you have one Designated Driver in the group to ensure you all make it home safely.

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