Date Night Ideas – Five Perfect Date Night Movies That Might Surprise You

Remember when you would get excited back in high school because you were going to go watch a movie with your special someone? Well, it’s time to get that feeling back because even though life can beat you down, there’s no better time than now to bring back the rush of date night movies into your routine.

The reason why date nights can be so tough to put together and maintain is that everyone’s schedule changes from week to week. There was a time when you could count on certain things staying the same day after day, which meant planning would be a breeze. Now, last-minute work trips, kids’ extracurricular activities, and even just long work days make a regular date night seem pretty impossible.

Don’t give up, though. There are too many good movies out there that are worth checking out with your significant other. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something quirky, nerdy, thrilling, or just plain hysterical. Date night movies should certainly start being part of your life, and it’s nice to know that you don’t have to fawn over the sentimental love stories or romantic comedies just to have a good time.

Here are a five great date night movies that’ll surprise you a bit:

Ready Player One – A virtual reality world that seemingly saves society set in the not-so-distant future greets you in this movie. Based on the novel of the same name, Ready Player One does its best to combine cultural references, fandom culture, and sci-fi/fantasy for a thrilling treasure hunt that has ramifications for the entire world.

Rampage – If you’re both action fans and can’t get enough CGI intensity, then this movie is for you. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if a man befriended a large albino gorilla then found said gorilla falling victim to genetic mutation & turning into a not-of-this-world massive monster, you’ve now got a pretty spectacular answer.

Black Panther – One of the most successful films in years is still setting records & maintaining a stronghold in theaters. You not only have a huge superhero spin-off do well at the box office, but the movie has mass appeal. It’s also got cultural relevance and a celebrated diverse cast that is part of the reshaping of Hollywood. Bottom line, though – it’s an amazing movie.

A Quiet Place – Imagine being quiet because your life depended on it. Now, imagine watching a movie about being quiet while having to be quiet in a movie theater that is dark. One of the most intelligent & terrifying films to hit theaters in a long time, you’ll both enjoy talking so much more afterward.

Friday – Though an older movie, you’ll still find theaters showing this 90s classic. Even though the movie is thought of as a comedy, there’s a tremendous amount of heart, family values, and cultural relevance throughout. It’s also a reminder that you can lose your job on your day off.

Date night movies, as you might have already guessed, are really a vehicle for spending time with the person you love most. Whether it’s the cute high school couple too shy to talk to each other or the long-married couple who can’t stop holding hands after all these years, don’t sweat the movie so much as enjoy the time you are spending with your sweetheart.

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