Date Night Ideas – What to Do on a First Date – Keep Her Wanting More

In modern times, many people search for potential partners online. Remember that although the online world is “virtual”, it involves real feelings too. Etiquette still applies. Therefore, be polite when messaging or interacting on web cams. If you are not interested in someone, still treat him or her with respect. You wouldn’t flat out ignore someone in real life, and they deserve the same courtesy online.

Be sure to keep any dates you arrange. If you cannot meet, take care to cancel within a respectable time period. Remember that everybody’s time is valuable. It isn’t kind to suddenly leave someone without plans for a Saturday night!

If you do keep a date, then always ask the other person what interests them. Your date might be more comfortable, and therefore more sociable, in a venue of their choosing. Find a balance between taking initiative and showing respect for their input. People tend to like choices. Have a list of three places you might go together, and ask your date to choose one.

Start your date with a friendly approach. Have good eye contact, and perhaps give an old-fashioned light kiss on the cheek. Compliment your date on his or her clothing or hair. Focus on making the other person feel comfortable.

When you arrive at the dating venue, take care to not look around too much. Make your date feel as if he or she is the only person in the room! The date is not an excuse for general partying; it is a special time set aside for two people.

When conversing on a first date, it is best to avoid topics like politics and religion. Safer topics include such things as the venue, the person’s schoolwork or job, and family. Show interest in the other person’s life. The best conversationalist is often the best listener!

Of course, you should not be pushy with physical advances. Especially if you have only met online, be especially cautious about physical involvement and being alone together. Take the time to get to know each other, and be satisfied with a simple good-night kiss. In the long run, going slow will make dating much more rewarding!

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