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For Women

The world has evolved for women with fighting for equality in many aspects of life. The hard work has paid off and now there are a lot of women who are single and looking, in a dying marriage, or have been divorced and starting over or just lacking the main subject of today’s conversation which is confidence. We have decided to write this up for women as this was felt needed to be shared and discussed as with such a simple bit of information can be life changing. Listed below are some points that if any of these sounds familiar then this read will be beneficial to you.

  • You do not feel like your true self
  • You have been battling conflicting thoughts in your head constantly
  • You are in a marriage that you know is not going to work and is not currently working in at least some of the ways you thought it would be and you may have discovered something and have been keeping it inside
  • You feel depressed and lack the drive to do something about that specific feeling
  • You tried online dating and still cannot find a guy who will take you seriously
  • You feel like all men want is sex
  • You feel like your luck with men is all the same as you attract the same kinds of men who do not want what you want in the end
  • You deal with men who say whatever they think you want to hear
  • You sometimes must fake things to get people or your partner to like you.

Confidence Techniques

Ladies for any of you who can relate to anything said above, then the answer is very simple. Confidence is your best friend. It always starts with displaying the right kind of confidence. When women can do this, it alone pierces the brain and makes people think more about you than an initiation reaction or assumed thought based on what they perceived you to be. There are some helpful tips to get you through those tough times by gaining confidence.

  • Walking in front of a mirror and getting to know your best features.
  • Taking as many selfies as you can stand and sort through then
  • Learning to smile more and at the right times
  • Do not be afraid to be your true self!
  • Understand ahead of time that some people will like you and some will not like you.
  • Laughing out loud is perfectly acceptable and attractive
  • Accepting your flaws faster so that others can accept them too
  • If you are in a marriage that is not working, displaying confidence ( A New You) will get into your partners head and make them either wonder and try to make real changes that meet the requirements or they may decide to spit out the truth that they are ready for a divorce as they do not find the satisfaction they seek with you anymore, and that is okay because, you now know the truth, you now have been practicing gaining the confidence that will net you the right person (One person’s trash is another person’s treasure). Someone else will find that confidence you display as something they have been missing or Something they are deeply attracted to.
  • For the single women who are in the turmoil of failed dates, men saying what they think you want to hear, or men just wanting sex and no commitment, then practicing confidence will solve all these common issues.  You will start seeing the value you present clearer; you will force the commitment idea into the persons brain as they begin to think harder about you which in turn makes them also want to do the right things.

Sum It Up

So, when you are alone it is a good thing to bring some of all of those pinned up thoughts in front of a mirror or talk out loud to yourself and see how it sounds. Find some time every day to be appreciative about yourself in some way at least 3-5 times a week or more if you find yourself depressed or struggling with interacting with people. Practicing self-confidence techniques will solve a lot of issues with women and their thoughts that sometime drag them down or for women who are in a marriage that they must force to work. Practice confidence building techniques and you will see things change or new people will come into your life and bring that real smile back to your face

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