How to Use the Casual Vs Serious Approach to Dating Effectively In 2021?

Casual Vs Serious

In 2021 and for a long time now successful daters are successful for many reasons including knowing what they want to begin with. This may seem like a simple thing to do but it is often forgotten or overlooked because we get distracted by many other things that turn us away from this which gets us out of the loop of dating over time. So today we will be breaking this down enough to where you can get started dating with better more effectiveness.

                First thing to do is to start thinking about what it is you are wanting or feel like is missing. To help you to better think and dissect this bit of information you can be basic with this thought of am I wanting someone to sleep around with or do I prefer someone to do life with? When you take in this question it begins to force you into the right kind of thinking that could get you either choice you decide.

                Second, this is after you have been thinking about the question of do I want someone to be with physically or someone to grow with and do life together. You should have a decision by now and once you decide is it more of a casual thing or you are craving something serious then


 this now directs your approach to dating as more of a friend, nothing serious only to get together at both of your conveniences without any knowledge of how long this will last but it’s all agreed upon both people.


This involves a more serious approach with the lust for sex now up in the air or at the back of your brain. You are more concerned with the person and want to do normal things together in public and private.

                Finally, this bit of information should help you to get started dating at any time you choose or can be applied as tips and a guide to help you get started. By knowing if you want casual or something more serious along with ways to get you going can make all the difference to bettering your dating experiences.

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