World Of Date – Comprehensive Dating Guide For 2022 And Beyond

World Of Date Comprehensive Dating Guide 2022 and beyond

Welcome to the world of date’s comprehensive dating guide. This is designed to be A guide designed off of research, experience and being direct to better assist and help you with your dating. This guide is not some person we paid to type a pretty article that you cannot relate to or comprehend enough to be able to get started using anytime. So, this article is hand written with a stack of researched information that we felt was crucial and always needed to boost your dating along with some in-depth tips that we tabled and put to a vote as to which tips were actually meaningfully and not irrelevant and repetitive. So, lets get right to it by starting with what kind of dating to focus on, how should you get started once you have decided, and the good stuff which is a few extra tips we included.

So, to begin and get right to it, the first thing you will want to do is take a step back or take a minute to yourself and simply ask yourself what is it that you are actually looking for? Is it something serious that could lead to a long term relationship or marriage or something more casual? Each one of these have a different approach. You would not want to be lusting over a future wife or life-partner every week in a bar because you will start having doubts about that person as time goes and no matter what those doubts will add up and cause a break up because you decided to go searching for a life-partner in a bar or club and you already know ahead of time that this is probably not the right way. You would also not go on a serious dating site or a formal date with a casual mindset. For example, if you were out in public and you see someone who grabs your attention in a way more than just lust, you would not approach that person with lust in your mind or speak or tone. You would probably try putting on your best self and going about it that way. So that is why is important to start out by sorting out things that way.


World Of Date Serious Dating

So, you have decided you want to find a life partner or you have found someone who you feel like means the world to you. This is where the right approach of formality comes in.

  • Have you already spoken to that person? If so, what was said to you.
  • Are you okay with rejection?
  • What grabbed your attention about this person?
  • Are you already lusting over this person?
  • Are you okay with meeting and doing things in public?
  • Are you okay with not asking for or expecting sex immediately?

These are some of the questions you should be thinking about when you are seeking someone serious. As you can see these are some great in-depth thoughts that only further you’re dating. Once you have answered these questions or thought them through, then it is time to consider an approach to that person. Check out the good stuff and integrate a combination of them that will help you leave your mark on that person after you make that approach and initiate that conversation.


For casual seekers, this for daters who are seeking like-minded people or want to date for a reason that might not be for something serious.  Below are some questions you will want to take in and consider furthering your gain with casual dating.

  • Are you directing enough to ask for sex?
  • Are you okay with the possibility of a one-night stand?
  • Do you have any fetishes that you are seeking in a person?
  • Does the thought of the other person be involved with someone else and not telling you hurt you?
  • Can you talk and be direct without coming off as a pervert?

These questions are a great example to ask yourself or sort through to help you gain more casual experiences.

How To Start – The good stuff – extra tips

So, we have decided to spice up The Tips

To begin we will be sharing some tips to help you really spice it up and get more people attracted to you which helps to break the ice and helps you ease into initiating a conversation.

  1. For men – using a woman’s fragrance to your advantage. (casual) try a pat of light women’s body spray somewhere hidden on your body to grab his or her attention. if you are about to leave and just showered and know there is a chance you will see someone you are interested in, try a light spray as being able to get someone’s attention before an attempt to talk them then will help.
  2. Scrambler dating – (Serious)check out or scrambler dating read and use this to your advantage. Scrambler dating is a popular technique of successfully wooing a woman. It will net you more sex but not just sex you will get the women’s full attention and her feelings, and you are expected to be hers after successfully wooing her. So, keep that in mind
  3. Premium online dating sites – check out our premium dating site recommendations as this is the only way to date online for the best results. Free dating sites work but there is a lot more effort needed to be put into meeting quality people and it does not always work out with free profiles due to fake profiles, fabricated pictures and lifestyles.
  4. Exercise – this should be a straightforward one. Exercise regularly or do some pushups before a date or meeting someone, for women try walking or doing some wall squats before a date and watch the difference.
  5. Self-character building – how is your character? There are always some things about our character that we can work on or be aware that can come off the wrong way on people even if sometimes that is not our intentions. We are human and will sometimes make mistakes and say the wrong things out of anger or pain, but these are some things we can write down and address simply by writing them down and reading over them.
  6. Dressing to impress without over doing it – know what you are doing and getting yourself into ahead of time to be able to prepare and dress accordingly.  You do not have to think suit to dress up nice, a nice button up shirt or collar shirt with kaki or jeans that fit with a belt will make all the difference.
  7. Knowing how to listen and respond appropriately – this requires you to first have an open mind, listen carefully and to respond appropriately. You have to make sure you are hearing the person correctly before responding.
  8. Hygiene matters – this one is straightforward, no one wants someone who does not care to take baths or proper care of themselves. You cannot expect to be wanted by someone when you do not consider hygiene.
  9. Safe sex matters – safe sex practices matter! Practice safe sex unless you both agree on that or later down the road after more than 2 successful encounters and at that point you may want to consider an ongoing thing.
  10. Self-grooming – trimming up those long hairs and ladies that includes shaving those legs !

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