Dating Advice For Guys – Your Ego is Your Enemy

In giving dating advice to guys on our dating women radio show, one of the things that we hammer men over is their ego.

A healthy ego and self-image can be a good thing but going overboard can hurt your cause with women.

Some guys, when they really like a woman, cannot see past their own interest level and ego.

“I like her, she has to like me back” is a chant sung over and over by some inner voice for them because they:




And then pursue some more.

Some guys cannot fathom a scenario when the woman just is not into them. They are generally shocked and surprised when the object of their affection gives them a hearty YAWN in the face of their advances.

Ever see the movie where the guy is FLAT REJECTED but keeps coming at her? By the end of the picture, she realizes what a great guy he is and how wrong she has been. They fall in love. Cue the sappy music over the freeze frame of them holding hands. Fade to black. Roll credits.

Go ahead and try that in real life.

“If you do not leave me alone, I am going to call the police.”

Worse yet, maybe she is the type that has low self esteem and she will go out with you and MARRY YOU because there was not a better offer. You are essentially the last man standing after a series of bad relationships.

That is enough for some guys because they cannot get past their own ego to see reality. In their twisted perceptions they figure that she really did finally see the light, just like in the movies.

Well, after the closing credits our “hero” is going to get tortured for the rest of his life, dealing with a woman who is going to punish him for not being Johnny or Hal (or whoever it was that was on her A LIST and got away).

Remember guys, when she rejects your advances, BELIEVE IT NOW. She is NOT interested.

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