Dating Your Ex? 5 Killer Date Ideas to Win Your Ex Back

Dating your ex may not be the smartest choice for some people, however, if the groundwork has been laid, and you and your ex seem primed to try each other out again, I’ve got 5 killer date ideas to win your ex back.

I don’t have to belabor the point that your “first” date with your ex is critical to your success in getting back together. You’re not just trying to make a first impression like you did on your real first date. That was easy.

For this date, you need to be able to reinvent yourself and your relationship while having the most fun both of you have had in a long time. You’re both looking for a fresh start and you’re ex will be evaluating the both of you, together, again. No pressure though.

Ideally, at the end of your date, your ex sees you very differently, while, at the same time, is reminded of all of the things that were irresistible about you. Can’t beat that.

The key to success here is your choice of date idea. It’s vital that you create a date that will completely throw your ex off balance while introducing something new and adventurous about you.

Pick One of These Killer Date Ideas:

  1. Come up with fake names and identities. Then drive somewhere you’ve never been and enjoy a meal in total role play.
  2. Go down to Borders or Barnes & Noble. While browsing the books, slip some notes in the pages for future browsers to read.
  3. Go to a nighttime high school football game and talk about what you did at your own high school football games. For fun, root for both teams and chow down lots of hot dogs..
  4. Late at night, drive to the water (beach, lake or river), and get there right before dawn. Have breakfast from a basket and then take a nap under an umbrella.
  5. Deck yourselves outt and go to your local Mercedes, Lexus and Infinity dealers to test drive their most expensive cars.

“First” date tips:

  • Try to be spontaneous with your date idea.
  • Let loose but be yourself.
  • Try to show a new side of you.
  • Be attentive, respectful and fun.
  • Don’t talk about the relationship.
  • Focus on the moment and your ex.

You’ll be great and your ex will be floored.

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