How to Make a Man Chase After You – Dating Advice For Women

Learning how to make a man chase after you is a skill every woman should acquire. We all dream of being pursued by the man of our dreams, someone who is exactly what we’ve always envisioned in a partner. Unfortunately most of us end up being the ones chasing the man and that rarely ends well. Since men are natural born hunters it stands to reason that you’ll stand a much better chance of capturing his heart if you master the skill of making him run after you. If there’s a man in your life right now that you want to fall head over heels for you there are just a few simple techniques that you can put into practice now that will make that happen.

Understanding how to make a man chase after you starts with recognizing the power in being a little distant. Most of us, when we meet a man we feel a strong connection with, will do everything in our power to ensure he notices us and spends the majority of his time with us. We’ll do things like call him frequently, send him emails and offer to cook him dinner. Although men enjoy this, it isn’t the way to win their hearts. Men are much more intrigued by women who play a little hard to get. Women who aren’t that quick to offer themselves on a silver platter are the ones who have men chasing after them. Don’t always be available to him and make sure that he knows that your life doesn’t revolve around him. If you are just outside of his reach, he’s going to work harder to get your attention and affection.

Another thing you must always remember when you are learning how to make a man chase after you is to be confident and drama free. When we feel an emotional connection with a man we typically want to pour our hearts out to him. Doing this may feel like the right thing, but if it’s too early in the relationship, it’s not. Men aren’t attracted to women who are unsure of themselves. Let him see that you’re able to juggle all the aspects of your life exquisitely. Never apologize for who you are and don’t pour out all your issues when he asks how you are. You want him to see a confidence woman in control of her own life each and every time he looks at you.

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