Online Dating Sites – Pay Per Contact Or Pay Monthly Fees?

Why are online dating sites so awkward to use? Maybe others feel its a scam to have to pay for online dating site membership when all they’re doing is posting a profile of themselves on the internet. Paying a monthly fee is acceptable if you are happy with the services you receive, but paying on a per-contact basis is far better. This is because you get far better value. Particularly if you decide you want a break from contacting people for a month or so.

Having a pay-per-contact site system is far more convenient and will discourage you from ‘cutting and pasting’ emails to a range of different people, because you are forced to be creative with your information and personally address other people according to their own specific likes and needs. likewise, If an email you receive from another person online is paid for individually, you will be more likely to be specially addressed and your email will be better prepared with more thought put into it.

A monthly access fee for online dating sites is not the best way to go economically. This is because it takes time to trust someone else and to develop that friendship with someone online. It can take months and months to learn all about someone and grow and nurture a new relationship. This really limits you, because you don’t necessarily want to exchange contact details straight away with the person before meeting them. The trust will build gradually, and in that time you should be able to enjoy chatting online with singles and getting to know whoever you like without the pressure of paying monthly fees.

There are just a few Australian online dating sites that offer pay-per-contact services. This is the most flexible way to contact others because it gives you plenty of time to think about how you want to present yourself to others. It also means you are far more likely to write creatively with a purpose, tailoring your information to the right person online, rather than cutting and pasting emails and sending them to hundreds of profiles, which is what happens with many other dating sites on the internet. This is where scammers can prey on innocent victims because they don’t have the time to write creatively with a lot of thought. There is not as much time pressure to get your value. If you find someone who matches your criteria the best, send them a free virtual kiss or winks message to indicate your interest in them first, then if you receive a good reply, you have met someone online that you can now feel comfortable emailing. Then you are ready to pay for contact privileges.

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