Simple Flirting Advice For Guys In Their 20s

Listen, if there is every a time in your life when flirting is easy; it has to be in your 20s. You have your whole life ahead of you, and this time is definitely a learning experience for any guy. So if there are a few rejections along the way, it’s important not to sweat them, because those who keep trying eventually find the right girl. Here are some of the best flirting tips you will ever find on the Internet:

The Subtle Eye Contact

Women love guys who pay close attention to them. One of the best ways to show her is by keeping eye contact during your conversation. It’s always been a way for us to flirt with a woman without actually coming across as flirtatious. This tip alone will help you get plenty of dates, and most likely she’s going to return the favor. Oh, this also works even if she’s sitting across the room, especially if you add a nice subtle smile to go along with it.

If she does the same, it’s an indication you can approach her and see where it goes.

Body Language

Whenever a woman touches you during conversation there is almost always a reason for it. In fact, if you’re doing everything right, she will make an excuse to touch you on the shoulder, arm, hand, or leg. This is a clear indication she is interested, especially if she does it more than once. When a guy does it you need to do it in a way that doesn’t seem like flirting at all. The easiest way is when you’re passing by and brush against them or tell a joke and touch her during the laughter.

Practicing Your Approach

In the movies we always see the guy who has a crush on a girl, but doesn’t know how to approach her. He usually stands in front of the mirror (at home or a public restroom) and goes over his lines time and time again. It’s quite entertaining, but it’s also something you should consider doing yourself. See what you look like when you approach a woman. Record what you say and then listen to what it sounds like.

This might seem like a crazy notion, but practicing your flirting with women is very important. It can help you feel more comfortable in the situation, and since you only have one shot it can also help you come up with the right approach.

These are three of the best pieces of advice we can give you. There are several other things to consider as well like; ending a conversation if it’s not going well, how to make it fun and entertaining, why smiling is crucial, and tons of other areas. The ones you see here today are enough to help you have an easier time flirting with any woman in the room.

Just make sure you are cool with rejection, but this will never be a 100% guaranteed plan.

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