Use Humor to Pick Up Girls – 3 Killer Tips That Guarantee Success

Do you get nervous when face to face with the woman you desire? Do you get sweaty palms and become undecided when you are about to approach a girl?

Come’ on. Admit it. You don’t have to feel ashamed if you do. It happens to all men. Even the best among us. But worry no more. Just follow these 3 killer tips and you will improve your betting average in this game.

Game? Yes, treat picking up girls as a game and approach it light-heartedly. Why be so serious? You will frighten away the girls. This is Killer Tip #1 – the right attitude towards the whole thing. Ever heard of the saying -“80% is psychology. 20% is effort”? In this game, 80% is attitude and 20% effort. Not only that. It is the right attitude that makes the effort easy. Work on your attitude and constantly remind yourself that this is a no-loss game. You have nothing to lose but a hot body to gain every time you approach a girl. This attitude is extremely motivating. It works wonder on your effort to pick up girls.

Killer Tip #2. Accept it as an immutable truth that in this game, it is man who has to make the first move and break the ice in striking up a conversation with the girls. Giving yourself no alternative choice except facing up to this immutable truth will intensity your resolve, which in turn will give you an aura of extreme confidence. Forget about hypnosis, mind control or witchcraft! We live in a real world. No amount of visualization, chanting or wistful thinking will make women come up to you to ask for a date. Hone your skill in making the first move and you are half way towards achieving the status of a star pickup artist every man admires.

What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. — Goethe

Killer Tip #3, use humor as a door opener to start a light-hearted conversation with women. This Tip is a logical follow-up to Killer Tip #1 – treating picking up girls as a fun-filled game. If you ask women what they value most in men, they will tell you it is a sense of humor. Men who can make women laugh score high with them. A laughter-filled date with a man will always be remembered long as sweet memories for any girl who is lucky enough to have met such a humorous man.

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