Want To Seduce Women Instantly? Here’s 5 Killer Tips

Do you want a secret technique that will allow you to seduce any women in 5 minutes or less? I am sorry disappoint you, but such technique doest exist, because what work with one woman doesn’t work with another. What i can provide you is 5 killer tips about confidence and body language that will allow you to improve your game with women and definitely improve your success with women.

Lets just remind that above any list of nice tips is confidence. Confidence is the key to attract any women. Being calm and relaxed will always be the first thing.

1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: If you are only seeking one girl, boy you will become desperate. If you are single, enjoy this part of your life and dont put all your eggs in one basket. Always date more than one women at the same time. So if the women you are dating starts to annoy you, you just say next and shes history.

2.Build a confidence list: Grab a piece of paper and list all your qualities and always review them through they day. Read them until you feel a urge of confidence building up. Confidence is everything when trying to seduce women. If you sound nervous your history. So always have something that will put you in a good mood and raise your confidence.

3.Practice your skills: Seducing women is a skill that can be learned, but you must practice. If you don’t practice, like everything in life, you will not to any good. So make a commitment and start visiting online chats and start improving your game. With no time you will start to see some success and your confidence will start to raise. The secret is practice,practice and practice.

Now lets take a look at some tips on body language.

1. How to use body language to get the first kiss? Its simple, lean forward and gently and smoothly touch her hair. After doing this for a few moments, tell her how soft her hair is. Did she pull away when you say that? If she has not pull away her hair, shes is ready to be kissed. Bingo, you got it.

2. Physiology: This one has to do with confidence. Pick someone that you judge to be very confident. It may be someone on your city, some actor in Hollywood or someone that you just admire. Now, observe how they talk, act and observe their body language. Study how they strike in a conversation, how they talk to girls, how they move, how they walk, how they smile. Observe everything, until you feel ready to start to mimic his behavior. When you start to copy someones successful behavior you will start feel like him. It just works like a charm.

I hope that with these guidelines you can get more dates and start dating the girls you always wanted to. Remember to take action and practice on it. Sooner than you expect, you will be a master seducer.

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