Warning – Why You Should Never Listen To A Woman Who Gives You Dating Advice

If a woman ever gives you advice on dating, turn the other way and run. It seems like women would know what women would want right? Wrong. Women are known for not knowing what they want. The single greatest mystery on earth is women. Period.

Here’s advice you want to avoid like the plague: treat a woman with respect and give them flowers. I am not against giving a woman respect… once she’s earned. However, if you play the nightclub scene (or ANY dating scene for that matter), you realize most women put men through all kinds of control tests. Do you respect it when a woman is testing you? Not if you want her to become attracted to her. Instead, you shatter her tests and let her know you don’t need to jump through her hoops. This is the secret answer women want to hear.

But it’s clear women don’t even understand what triggers their own attraction. They say they want a nice guy who will share his feelings. Follow this if you want to forever be known as “just friends”. If you’ve ever been friends with a woman, you’ve probably heard her complain about how mean her boyfriend is, and how he doesn’t treat her right. Question: why does she keep going back to him then? It surely has more to do with treating her nice.

She doesn’t realize that what causes her attraction is the unexpected, the mysterious, the powerful, and the cool. In other words, she loves a man who knows exactly who he is, knows what he wants, and if comfortable in his own reality. This is the challenge she longs for, to tame a bad boy and make him a gentleman.

Let’s play a game though. Ask your female friends want they want in a guy. They will not say, “A challenge”. Then look at who they are most attracted to. Often it is the guys who are out of their reach. Little do they realize a simple basic human truth: We want to be someone who has higher value than we ourselves have. Often that means we want someone out of our league. A nice guy who will do anything you want is not out of your league. Your out of his.

But women will never give you this advice. On top of the stupid “nice guy” stuff, they’ll give you other loads of bull like “Just be yourself, if a woman doesn’t like you for who you are, then she isn’t worth it.” This is good advice in fairy tale land. But in the real world, if you are a shy, timid, average puppy dog wuss, it’s time to be something else. Here’s the wonderful thing about our lives: we can become who we want to be. Last I checked, no one wants to become a wuss. Yet, there are a lot of wusses out there. If there are things you do that are unattractive, and you want to attract women, here’s a simple solution: don’t do those unattractive things anymore. If that means really digging into who you are and what you want, and then making a goal to become something more than you currently are, then get to work. “I want women to like me for who I am” is code talk for “I’m too lazy to do anything about my desperate situation.”

On the other hand, women who give advice about dating don’t quite understand a simple concept. Men are hardwired different than women. In their heads, women think men should follow the same guidelines women do. They have no frame of what it’s like to be a man. So therefore, they try to make you feel guilty about certain aspects of yourself that are perfectly normal for a man. Listen to them if you want to become one of those new-age freaks.


Here’s the reality of getting advice from women about dating women. Their advice all hinges around the man changing himself to suit the needs of the woman, even at the expense of his own needs. This is not good for the man, and not good for the woman dating him.

Let me repeat again: No woman wants to date a spineless wuss!

The conclusion of this article is simple: with rare exception, don’t listen to any advice a woman may give you about dating. Actually, do listen to what she says, and do the exact opposite. You’ll have better luck.

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