What You Must Never Talk About on First Dates

This week let’s focus on first dates. There are some things that you must never, never talk about on a first date. If you do, you’re taking a major risk of turning off your date and spoiling your chances of ever getting a second date.

Don’t talk about the following topics on your first date:

1. Do you have any mental, financial, legal, or divorce problems? If you do, keep it to yourself. Don’t share these personal problems with your date.

2. Don’t talk about your bad luck with dating women. A real turn off would be to make a statement such as, “All the women I date turn out to be bitches.”

3. Don’t discuss any previous relationships and express bitterness towards relationships that didn’t work out.

4. Don’t jump the gun and start talking about future dates together. The only purpose of the first date is to get to know each other and not to plan a future together. If you start talking about doing things together so soon, she’s going to feel pressured and perhaps intimidated.

Don’t ever assume that just because she agreed to go on a first date with you that it will lead to a quick relationship. Take things slow and don’t rush her into a relationship. Establish a strong friendship first and romance will follow.


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