Why A Girl Lets A Guy Push Her Around

When a girl falls in love with a guy she’ll do anything to keep from losing him. They’re in a relationship and he loves her but he’s not as obsessive as she is. Her guy sees her love and devotion and knows she can’t stand to be without him so he pushes her around.

She does what he wants and gives in to his needs putting his feelings first trying to please him fixating on his happiness above her own. She has an obsessive love only focused on him without regard to her friends or family and would die for him.

She’s afraid if she doesn’t do for him, he’ll leave her and she couldn’t handle that. When a guy lets a girl push her around she’s weak in the mind wanting what’s best for her boyfriend.

A love like this is a sickness where the girl needs counseling to get over the fear and obsession of loving this one special person. She’s the type if she had kids and her boyfriend didn’t want to be around them, she would get rid of them.

He is her first thought at night before she goes to sleep and in the morning when she first wakes up. She jumps when he calls and is his little soldier on demand.

Although he loves her it’s not as strong as hers and he puts his feelings ahead of her. He’s selfish and treats her like a piece of his property without any regard to how she feels.

She wants to disobey his orders, but she knows he’ll give her an ultimatum that she couldn’t face. If they were to get married she would have a rough life trying to keep up with his demands.

Some girls who love someone this much will not let their boyfriend push them around, they would rather lose him. But the obsessive love is different with the fear of rejection and losing their guy would be suicide to the girl.

Why a girl lets a guy push her around is obvious in the sense that it gives the guy control, power and makes him feel important. He’s usually the type that was pushed around as a kid and his parents ignored or abused him.

On the other hand she’s in an obsessive love with a guy that doesn’t respect her, but as she grew up her parents never showed her love so she’s afraid of losing that feeling.

If a guy truly loves you and puts you first in his life, he won’t push you around using you for his personal slave.

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