Why Older Women Are Less Flaky

I found through my observation of the behavior of many younger and older women a general pattern that repeats itself over and over – more mature women (late 20’s and on) are more reliable than younger women. This should not be a surprise because there are at least three significant reasons as to why older women are more likely to show up when and where they will say the will and generally keep their word:

1. Older women are generally more responsible individuals. Having a greater educational and professional experience usually teach a person a few life lessons about the importance of keeping one’s word and following through both professional and a social being.

2. Older women are generally more “interested.” While a younger woman is struglly to figure out what behavior and attitude makes her the most attractive and desirable, or what men call “playing games,” women in their early 30 and older, as a general rule, have a stronger sex drive and stronger sense of identity (and what they consider to be right v. wrong) which allows them to go for the guy they like with less hesitation or embarrassment and more determination.

3. A younger woman believes that the entire sea of men is at her disposal and there is no reason for her to rush or to be particularly interested in any guy since there are so many of them out there. On the other hand, a woman with a longer dating experience knows from first hand experience how rare the guys she really likes are. She might have dated 30 guys throughout her life, but she would only consider 2 or 3 out of all of them to be truly special, who gave her a memorable dating experience and who she had the potential to be serious life partners with. Therefore, she is going to treat the next special guy who comes into her life with much more courtesy and care because she knows how rare his type is and she would not want to just miss out for no valid reason on the opportunity to connect with that man on a more meaningful level.

4. Finally, older women are usually less “uptight.” They are more receptive to joking, being sarcastic and laughing at themselves – a quality that most people in general and men in particular consider to me a strong sign of charming and attractive confidence.

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