The Art of Approaching Women – Book Review

I recently discovered Joseph Matthews book “The Art Of Approaching Women”, and I am completely amazed by it. I’m usually very skeptical about these sorts of books, but I really believe that Joseph has done this one right.

“The Art Of Approaching Women” is a dating and seduction course, basically providing step-by-step instructions for men to approach and attract women. This book covers all the key areas a guy needs, from meeting a woman, approaching her, getting to know her and so on.

“The Art Of Approaching” is built into 6 main categories, which makes this book so user friendly. It isn’t difficult to find what your looking for within the book, due to the smooth layout Joseph has created. The six main categories include: Body language, confidence, approaching, flirting, storytelling and being social.

The thing that I love most about this book is the “confidence” and “approaching” sections. Instead of focusing on how to look better, act better and do things that aren’t yourself to attract women, Joseph focuses on teaching you how to feel more comfortable in your own skin, and how to approach women with confidence. Lets face it, men hate getting rejected, and most guys just need some help getting over that fear.

Joseph also hands out some useful techniques within the book such as, steps for making conversation, and tips on interpreting what a woman is thinking. You get a template of 10 category conversation starters, as well as ways to put them into use.

“The Art Of Approaching Women” has been featured on CNN, ABC, BET,, and many others. It is one of the top selling dating e-books available, and for good reason.

I highly suggest “The Art Of Approaching Women” simply because I believe that boosting your confidence is the most important thing when approaching a woman, and Joseph Matthews has shown how to make it easy.

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