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I have written this article for a specific audience – the average heterosexual males who are not successful with the women they seek. Males who want to want to know how to be more than just friends with women. I have learnt a lot from experience in the last couple of years on dating, and I want to share with you some of the most important tips I have learnt. You might disagree with what I say, but I think at least one or more of my tips will get you good results. You are not going to go out with the most beautiful girl after reading my article, my article will give you some tips to work on yourself – your communication skills, your look, etc… I will try to guide you in the right direction, I will try show you the right the path, so you can cross it. And now let’s move over Hitch, you will not learn much from him, I promise.

One more thing, when I use the terms ‘women’ or ‘girls’ in my article, I am ONLY referring to attractive women and girls. Playing the game and approaching attractive females, is quite different from your seeking normal average-looking females. Let’s just put it this way: attractive and non-attractive females are two very different species. They have different attributes, and they behave in a very different when being approached. There are many articles written for women on how to become attractive, this article is specifically written for men on how to become attractive and get the women you’ve always wanted.

What do women look for in a man?

Women in general expect a lot of things from a man. I will share with you, the 10 most attractive features women look for in a man. They are as follows:

1. Confidence is one of the most attractive features women look for, because a confident protective man will make a woman feel protected and secure; plus women find it hot. However, confidence should never be confused with arrogance. Arrogance is when a man always thinks he is right, when he always thinks he is the best, and won’t ever acknowledge that he is wrong. This is a complete turn off for women. So, be confident; it is a very important feature and it does deserve to be on the top, but never take it to the next level or else it will be repulsive.

2. Be fun and entertaining, don’t take yourself too seriously. Guys can slip and fall unintentionally, and they get too pissed off about it. They don’t have the ability to laugh at themselves. This is a huge turn off for women. Try to be comfortable with yourself and funny.

3. Always keep your word; uphold your promises. At the beginning of a relationship, men usually promise many things ‘I will do this and that for you sweetheart’, but many usually don’t keep their promises. If you are going to promise a girl anything, remember to follow through with it.

4. Little things like giving her compliments, telling her she smells nice, opening the door for her. Girls do remember all these little things. But don’t overdo it, or else she will feel you are desperate.

5. Tease a girl, but do it very slightly and carefully; don’t go too far with it. Men are usually good teasers, you can use that to your advantage. But do it to have fun, and try not to irritate the girl, try not to offend her, but instead have fun with her. If she tries to tease you back, well done for you, she is starting to enjoy it, and she’s joining you in this little fun game you started.

6. Don’t cheat. If you are going to be in a relationship, and if you like the girl you are dating, then don’t cheat. Women are incredibly good at finding out if you are cheating or not. They can sense it in your tone, in the way you look at her again, etc… there are just many clues around. You can keep her in the dark for a month or two, for even a year or two, but she will eventually find out. Women are usually better liars then men, so they can easily sense it if you are not telling the truth. Believe me, they are just better than the CIA and big brother combined.

7. Pay attention to your clothes style. Women love clothing, they don’t mind spending half their life shoe shopping. Make you dress well. You don’t have to be attractive and hot and that’s is okay, but dressing well is really important to attract a girl. Avoid colours like pink and red. Those are girly colours. I will give you a nice tip. Do you want to know what is most attractive colour for a guy? Okay, here you go, it is BLUE. Also avoid flashy clothes. Most women are turned off by guys wearing speedos on a nice sunny beach.

8. Remember that women want more than sex in a relationship. Try to make her feel special. Even after having a sexual relationship with a girl, don’t just leave immediately. Stay with her in bed, talk to her, comfort her. She will very much appreciate that.

9. Take responsibility for the actions you do. Remember, you are accountable for everything you do. Admit it when you make a mistake, this is a very attractive feature in a man. Girls love that, and the girl you like, will probably forgive you eventually. Girls usually don’t like taking responsibility for their actions, so taking responsibility for your actions is a masculine feature. It is one of those things that separate the men from the boys.

10. Okay, here’s a fact we all know, girls talk a lot. Don’t get annoyed, and learn to like it and appreciate it. Girls like to be listened to. Just listen, you don’t need to interrupt her, and remember the more she talks to you, the more she likes you. Here’s also a tip for you, agreeing with her is usually a smart choice.

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