Dating Trends Advice 2020 For Women

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has put together some advice for women who trade less than men with better results and those of you who are wondering what you are doing wrong when you are looking to date Online.  We will share some of the dating trends we have researched and gotten feedback from and attempt to explain them for tips that can help you date better.

Dating Trends Advice

First, Ladies who create profiles that are filled with quotes they find online or unrealistic expectations when you have not even had a conversation with a guy

For those women who do that should re-evaluate what you are looking for and wanting and expecting out of a guy you meet online. When you are finding awesome quotes to make yourself look good and try and let guys know what you are looking for, is a setup for a disaster.

Instead try to be realistic with yourself first, this is why men only tend to want to hookup is because they see some long crafty profile and are able to see right through that and become manipulative to get what they want and not even pay attention to much of anything you crafted in that profile.

Second, this is for the women who have wasted a lot of their lives being closed-minded or waiting for some frog to land in your lap so you can kiss him, and he turns into the man of your dreams. This applies to the women 30 plus with no kids, never been married, never experienced anything in life but have held themselves back for whatever reason thinking something will change, here is that last minute wake up call. DO NOT sit around holding yourself back. This is the last thing you should be doing because without applying any kind of efforts will lead you to becoming that old cat lady who has wasted her beauty and qualities that make you unique. So, get out and find a date online or anywhere and apply some efforts and there will be a guy applying that same efforts as you and you will have a better life in the end.

Third, changing pictures does not change who you are. You are still that same person no matter how you try and manipulate the picture. The pictures should not be the focus because if you are not that person you see in these beautiful pictures in person, then it will be a big disappointment to the guy or he may even just start wanting to hook up. So, try and be honest about yourself. If you are bbw show it, if you have a low self-esteem or other mental issues you should still put the normal you out there in your pictures as it will net you better results and real men who would want some real interest in you, so whenever you meet in person then both of you will be able to find some comfort instead of so much awkward behaviors that can disconnect good people.

So hopefully these trends and insight can be great advice to give women the boost they need or are looking for to have better dating experiences even with mental issues or baggage that you may think is not good but someone out there is okay and accepting of the whole real you.

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