Dating With Confidence In 2020

Dating with Confidence

Dating can be something that gives many people butterflies. The experience of being attracted to someone you want to add to your life can really bring out a different side of you. Dating is used as a method to get to know someone personally that you are attracted to or can be the beginning of getting to a more personal intimate level with the person. The most common thing many people like to do is set a good first impression and they want to avoid being rejected if its possible. Dating is a great way to make that happen. Whether you are looking for a fun night our or a long-term serious relationship, rejection is always a possibility, and no one likes the feeling of be rejected. Lack of confidence and doubting yourself can occur and then you start questioning your self during these times when things did not go fully as planned. So, if you are looking to add that extra boost of confidence or wanting to refresh your confidence there are some things you can do to help.

How can you increase your confidence when it comes to dating? There are a few things you can do, and certain methods are more appropriate for some people than others.


Putting the perspective of a date is just a date in your mind first. Get that into your mind and let it soak a bit because some people can drag and panic over certain things which could result in some depression. It is not a all or nothing scenario where if you do not get it right than it’s the end of the world. Yes, it’s a big possibility you could meet your future partner, but at the same time just know there are others out there if this does not work out in the end. You may get to a point to where you are ready to settle down but do not let that cloud your judgement and keep it focused on the fact that its just a date and to be patient. That hurry for settling down could startle your partner as well. Try to just take your mind off everything else but the fact that you are having a date and enjoy your time and vibe which will help your partner to connect and vibe with you and you both starts enjoying things. This will help to take pressure off yourself. Try not to blame yourself no matter what you might feel went wrong. This can happen and you start thinking that you are not worth dating because you made a mistake, or you start to lose that self-worth and feel like you will be alone forever.

Be Yourself

This is something that may not be new to you but is still important in 2020. Be yourself is something that you should consider doing when you are wanting to date with confidence. If you cannot be yourself on a date can you truly say you are dating with confidence? The answer is yes because some people are great actors but that will not get you anywhere because if you are not yourself and you start dating someone then you will have to continue being that way that you choose to that person and hurt the other person’s feelings when they fall in love with you and find out it was all a lie. We see this in many popular romance movies. Be yourself and keep in mind that even in perfect dates there are plenty of mistakes that happen, so you are not the only one. So just put on your best behavior and be yourself.

Turning The Focus
turning the focus

If you start to feel overwhelmed by your insecurities, then try focusing on the other person. Try to show some interest in the person you are dating. Be genuine and honest how you respond. Put the focus on them. This is a great way to take your mind off those thoughts you are having about your insecurities that you cannot seem to stop thinking about. Be genuine, ask questions, be yourself and be courteous which takes helps take away some of thoughts, but it also helps you to connect with the person and get to know them. Eventually that focus will turn back onto you and then that is when you swing for a homerun, start with the biggest insecurity you have and come up with or think ahead of something nice about that insecurity and then ease into talking about yourself. Do this without worrying what you will look like or how nervous talking about yourself seems and you will make a better delivery.

Switching It Up

If you are not a big talker or have trouble creating and continuing conversations with someone you are attracted to and get nervous during those moments, then switch it up. Consider dating activities that can help you avoid that feeling and make your confidence look better as well. There are many things you can do but a good way to figure things out is find out what the person you are dating likes and compare it to what you like to find a nice dating idea just make sure you both are comfortable and it’s a familiar setting.


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