How to Be Confident Around Women – Using 3 Little Known Female Psychology "Hacks"

We may hate to admit it, but we have all been dumped at one point. Many guys have felt this debilitating insecurity every time a woman pulls the plug. Suddenly, there’s an obvious lack of self esteem and feeling of being alone. If you’re in this situation right now, don’t fret. You just need to pick yourself up, and get over this lack of self-confidence for good. After you get your confidence back, you’re good to go again.

Here’s the painful part of learning how to really make women feel attracted to you: taking the first step to getting to know her. Approaching a woman requires massive  self-confidence on your part, partly because women seldom notice men who are lacking in the self-assurance department, and partly because you need to believe in yourself completely to take that first step toward her. Read on to find out the 3 hacks to getting that killer confidence you need to attract women…

How To Be Confident Around Women – Using 3 Little Known Female Psychology “Hacks”

Hack #1. “Approach Many Women”. The one thing that gives women power to turn you down is the knowledge that you’re desperate for her. If you can show her that you’re only mildly interested, she will wonder why, get intrigued, and assume that you probably have a lot going for you. If you talk to a lot of women in one place, you will come off as someone with a high social status, and women will naturally gravitate toward you.

So, don’t put all your hopes on one woman. If you can pull this off, you won’t even need to ask anyone’s phone number, the women you meet will gladly hand theirs over without you asking.

Hack #2. “Don’t see nervousness as a negative”. For all you know, what you interpret as anxiety could simply be excitement. Acknowledge that nerves are a part of the dating game, and more often than not, it’s actually the fuel that gets most guys the girls. Feeling upbeat and excited puts you on edge, and makes you think on your feet faster. With that said, it’s OK to be nervous, just don’t let it stop you from approaching girls.

Hack #3. “Don’t Give Her the Chance to Use Logic”. Some women are completely impossible to please. If you want to date a girl who talks and acts like there’s no way you can get her number the ‘normal’ way, you can use an advanced technique we call Fractionation.

Simply put, you make her feel emotionally attached to you as soon as you start talking to her so that she makes emotional decisions rather than logical ones. You put her in an emotional roller coaster and she has no choice but go with your flow. Fractionation is a powerful technique that should be used wisely.

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