How to Become an Alpha Male by John Alexander Review

What exactly does John Alexander’s How to Become An Alpha Male teach you? And how effective are the methods that are being taught. I’ve read the guide and now I’m writing my own thoughts on what I think of it. In this How to Become An Alpha Male review you’ll see what this guide is truly about.

I wonder why it is that throughout our life our parents don’t bother to teach us about attracting girls. We always seem to get tips from our friends. But usually the advice proves useless as they themselves are lost on what to do. Because most of the time they get their advice from others that have no clue.

So nearly everything that we learn about attracting girls comes from unknown resources. Or unknown experts that have little field experience and with no credentials on why we should even listen to them.

Then there are the movies. Those do more harm than good when it comes to getting the woman of your dreams. In most movies they portray the guy as being very nice to the woman. And eventually after showing his affections for her and showering her with flowers, eventually he gets the woman. But that again proves useless.

And what about those who get advice from their mothers or female friends. What do they tell you to do? Be nice, treat a woman right and shower her with flowers.

You probably realize now that being the nice guy doesn’t work. It never has. You’ll end up being in the friend zone with her. And this is the most you’ll advance with a woman from being nice. Which isn’t bad, unless you want to hear her tell you about the jerk she wants to date.

How to Become An Alpha Male is taught by John. A guy who actually tested out the methods. He was a former nice guy that watched as the girl of his dreams wanted nothing more than to be friends. In his book he explains all the myths and lies you’ve been told about attracting women. One of them about being the nice guy.

You’ll discover why she didn’t choose you from reading this book.

What you’ll learn if you haven’t already. Is that being the nice guy will not help you to win the ladies. And doing things that portray that such as dining, courting them, and buying expensive things for her doesn’t work.

In fact, what was shocking was that this type of behavior was viewed by women as being manipulative. A sleazy attempt to get her into bed. Even if that wasn’t your intention.

John Alexander then goes on to explain why girls seem to be attracted to the jerks. But you don’t have to be a jerk to get a woman. Rather it’s about being somewhere in between where you have the jerk qualities that women are attracted to and also the nice guy qualities of treating women right.

In essence, the book is about how to become a man. The very thing that girls want. Not a wuss that grovels at her feet that eagerly does anything to please her.

In the first section it goes into details about the myths that we are told about women. And it also covers on how women think. Everything is written out in easy to read format that’s easy to follow.

Then it goes into how to transform into the man that women want. And that is done by working on your inner game. Once you get this fixed the road to attracting women seems to become more clear.

What I liked the most about Johns book is that he wrote it in a step by step layout. Going from the first contact and giving you some examples on opening up with her. To the point of where you are in the bedroom with her. But it doesn’t have to be about seducing her.

If you want to learn how to be in a relationship with her. Then you can read the last few pages in the guide as John gives you pointers on how to be in a healthy relationship with the woman of your dreams. And how to keep a happy relationship with her.

Bottomline, you’ll learn a great deal on how to have a relationship with a woman that you want. And it doesn’t have to involve being someone you’re not. No pickup lines, no tricks, no hypnosis. How to Become An Alpha Male is pure content on being a man.

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