How to Kiss a Girl in 15 Minutes

If you are on a date on the town and wish to take things a little further with the girl you are with but are shy and don’t want to ruin your chances of seeing her again, what should you do? Would it still be possible to get a kiss out of her? Of course it would be!

However, in order to succeed, you need to know the proper tactics to doing so. First of all, you need to overcome your shyness. You should be over it if you have already managed to get yourself a date, though.

Ensure that you keep a look out for female body language, too, as this happens to be an essential indicator when it comes to relationships. Whenever a girl is around you, does she look relaxed? Does she look happy? Is she having fun? If she isn’t, you should probably put off that kiss and wait for the ideal moment instead.

How To Kiss A Girl In 15 Minutes

Step Number One (10 Seconds): Find The Right Position. If a girl is totally comfortable and has her head on your shoulder, try to position your body so that you can go in for a kiss without having to move awkwardly.

Step Number Three (5 Minutes): Build Some Rapport. Share great stories about yourself with a girl to make her want to kiss you for being such an awesome guy.

Step Number Three: Establish A Bond (5 Minutes). Look at the girl and meet her stare. Then, take a look at her lips and look at her eyes again before moving a little closer to her. If she wants the same thing as you, she will get the hint and move closer to you, as well.

Step Number Four: Flirt (1 Minute). Make sure that you flirt as much as possible to help set the proper mood for the night. If the girl flirts back, your chances of getting that kiss will be much higher.

Step Number Five: Use Fractionation (3 Minutes). Lastly, in order to get a girl to kiss you, you should make use of tactics of hypnosis. One tactic called fractionation is known to make girls fall for guys in an instant – in just 15 minutes.

This technique, known as fractionation, is a simple two-step formula which makes a woman feel emotionally “connected” to you quickly. This is done by creating an illusion in her mind that she has known you for some time – even though in reality you have just met her for 15 minutes. It is very effective because it uses some covert “mind hack” tactic, but at the same time can be easily used by anyone – no matter if he is new to the dating game, or have been dating supermodels. Killer stuff!

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