How to Manipulate a Woman’s Mind and Make Her Like You – Using the NLP Anchoring Tactic

My seduction methods are said to be “eccentric”, but it’s two hundred percent superior compared to the cookie cutter advice from the poser pick up artists out there. That’s the truth.

What makes me mad is that there’s a lot of hogwash advice out there on picking up chicks and dating ladies. I am writing this article to expose to you the REAL DEAL about getting ladies to absolutely go crazy over you. Warning – you might be somewhat uncomfortable with my tactics – and if you do, stop reading. But if you’re fine with using “covert” techniques as I call them, you will be far ahead than the majority of men out there in the dating game going after the same girls as you do. Keep reading and discover how you can get fast, effortless success with ladies using one killer tactic – called The Anchor.

By applying psychological techniques, you can easily “hack” into a girl’s mind and get her to like you… without her realizing it. If you know these techniques, then you will manage to recognize exactly which switch to turn and which button to push – and make any woman quickly interested in you. One such psychology strategy, called the Anchoring, requires you to make her recollect her past experiences which make her exceedingly happy – so as when she does that, she would be unconsciously associating the happy sentiment with you. As a result, she would feel happy whenever she sees you – simply because she has been programmed so by you subconsciously.

You should then repeat the same process by asking her to remember the experiences where she felt extra SAD – and again, make the recollection as vivid as possible. When this happens, she will feel as if she has experienced a “life tragedy” with you – again, this is a powerful way to create an illusion in her mind that she has gone through a lot with you in life – through thick and thin.

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