Trick Or Treat? Dating Advice That Dispels Creepy Notions About Finding Love

For many, Halloween conjures thoughts of scary movies, haunted houses, witches and goblins. But you’d be surprised how many people find the idea of dating in mid-life just as frightening, if not more! As a professional dating coach, I’d like to dispel a few of the chilling misconceptions that keep people from taking steps to change their single status.

Hair Raising Tales about Mid-Life Dating

Any one can have a bad date or two. But some people love to tell horror stories. Don’t let other singles scare you off from the dating scene because of one bad experience. With common sense and a good sense of humor, you will be safe and even have fun.

Take the pressure off and just meet new people. Even if you’re date isn’t great, you never know who he knows – neighbors, brothers, business partners – there are numerous possibilities. Many prospects won’t be right for you – that’s to be expected. But most are regular guys looking for love the best way they know how. It’s a numbers game, so the more men you meet, the more likely you are to find the love you want.

Online Dating is Creepy

When women ask me where the men are, I tell them straight out – on the internet. This is particularly true for men over 50. Many men tend to become more private with age. They aren’t joiners or as social as women tend to be. Because of this tendency, men often seek dates via the Internet. So, the Internet is actually your best bet to meet a number of prospects at any age.

Online dating is no longer a desperate act of last resort, but a teaming social arena where it’s easy to find other singles. The internet is simply a slice of American life – no more creeps than at a bar or your neighborhood Barnes and Noble. And the truth is, people fall in love via the Internet everyday – why not you?

Too Many Goblins and Ghouls at Singles Dances

Some clients complain that singles dances are populated by losers (or for Halloween- goblins and ghouls.) But keep this in mind – new men venture out every week. You never know when a new crop of great guys will show up.

For women to get the most from a singles dance, wear something that makes you feel fabulous, then stand at the edge of the dance floor wearing a warm smile. Tap your foot and look ready to dance and say “Yes” to as many men as possible. The good guys are watching to see how you respond to the bold guys who approach you first. If you’re kind and say yes to most men, the nice guys who you want to meet will take the chance of asking you to dance.

Let go of those scary notions and get out there this Halloween. As you expand your social circle, you are so much more likely to connect with a wonderful partner – the one you’ve been dreaming of.

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