What Makes Asian Caucasian Dating Different With Korean Women

If you’re white and plan on dating Korean women then this Asian Caucasian dating advice is VITAL.

Your Korean buddies might have told you about how “easy” it is but they don’t know the real deal.

After living and dating Korean ladies in Seoul I’ve discovered that the dating dynamics are different if you’re white.

Am I saying that it’s not “easy”? I’m saying that it’s different…way different.

When you’re white you have advantages and disadvantages compared to Korean men.

Asian Caucasian Dating Advantages

You’re a novelty. Any human being loves something new. It takes us away from our daily routine and plunges us into adventure. Being white and foreign does that with Korean women. Not only that but many Korean girls are tired of being with Korean guys. Let’s face it – who doesn’t want to at least TRY something new.

You’re “Western”. If you’re white then Koreans will assume you’re Western. That’s a great thing because Koreans look up to the West. If you’re Western then you have high status. Period.

You’re an escape. For Korean women who want to break away from their culture then you’re an alternative. Also a lot of Korean women are tired of their culture. You offer them something new.

So it’s all good? Not quite. You also have some disadvantages.

Asian Caucasian Dating disadvantages

You’re a foreigner. Korea is still a very closed society. Something like a ‘black’ Korean is unheard of (but soon enough.)

Sometimes my expat friends and I joke about one day being at the airport immigration line and seeing a black or caucasian man in the ‘Korean Citizens’ line.

That’s a big deal for Korean women. Her friends and family might not accept you into their circles simply because you’re foreign. There’s nothing you can really do about that besides learn the culture and hope for the best.

Korean guys will prevent you from dating Korean ladies. For some reason (ahem “inferiority complex”) most Korean guys will block and prevent her from talking to you. It’s quite subtle but it’s there.

Why? Because they think that it’s “easier” for caucasian men and they’re jealous. Sure they sugarcoat it by pretending that they’re “protecting the bloodline and her honor” but after 5 years in Korea you start to see the envy in their eyes.

So that makes Asian Caucasian dating challenging in Korea or with Korean women.

Have fun!

Dan Bloom with http://www.Korea-Dating-Tips.com

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