Why Men Don’t Call You Back When They Say They Will – Dating Advice For Women

If you’re like most women you’ve wondered at some point why men don’t call you back when they say they will. We generally take men on their word, especially if we’ve been dating one for a bit. He says he’ll call in the morning, so we wait and wait until noon rolls into the evening and he still hasn’t called. It’s frustrating and can leave you feeling more than a little rejected if it happens over and over again.

There could be any number of reasons why men don’t call you back ranging from him legitimately being busy with work, his just forgetting or it could be intentional. Most women don’t realize that men often use the tactic of ignoring you to make judgments about you. If the man in your life says he’ll call you tomorrow, and tomorrow passes without a word, what would you do? Without even thinking you may call him by the end of the day because you think he forgot. You may even be mad when you call or emotional and accuse him of neglecting you. Men anticipate this and if this is how you respond to his not calling you, you are actually damaging your own chances with him.

Regardless of why men don’t call you back, your reaction to his non-existent phone call should be one thing and one thing only. You need to go into ignore mode. You need to forget his number and you need to focus on you. If he doesn’t call you back when he says he will, don’t call him. Don’t call him that day, the next day or the next week. You must wait for him to call you. If you take this approach you are sending a very loud and clear message to him, through your actions, that you aren’t about to chase after him. Men want to be the ones chasing the women in their lives so give him that opportunity. Show him that your life doesn’t hinge on hearing from him. If you do that, you’ll hear from him more often and he’ll start calling exactly when he says he will.

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