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account hostage
Account Hostage

Are we the only one noticing how hard it is becoming to delete a social network account? This trend of account hostage is something to be aware of when deciding on which social network to join. For example, facebook is making it to delete your account with any of there products? Especially if you linked to a instagram account. You cannot simply go to change your password if you have linked a instagram account to facebook nor can you put in any password. it simply redirects you to facebook login and once you login there, you will be logged into instagram. These trends are being seen a lot lately of businesses that have climaxed and people get the idea that now is the time to delete there accounts and the company decides to make it harder to do so. not too long ago that delete button was always in plain site regardless of the company but now they will take your account hostage and will not let you delete your account or make it a big mystery or inconveince as facebook/instagram and many other social sites are doing.

The only steady company for any social networking that we can recommend and is always trending is Twitter.

So this is something to keep in mind to avoid becoming hostage to a company.

Update 2/24/22 : Facebook has made some changes to make it easier for you to reset or change your password big thanks to Facebook for that and Facebook is still relevant but keep in mind that you can still get your account hostage from lower social media networks who are not doing as well as Twitter and Facebook

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