Other Trends – Draft Kings & Fan duel Ripping People Off?

Many of us have experienced or have read on the internet about how popular fan duel and draft kings have been for the last few year. The question of the day is have fan duel and draft kings been ripping people off? We will be discussing our answer below and you will be surprised to know the answer to this question is yes!

How Is Draft Kings & Fan duel Ripping people off?

this one is very simple and straightforward. the answer to the question of is draft kings and fan duel ripping people off is yes. They are doing this by not being able to offer every feature to every state. the simple fact that sportsbooks features is only in some states and fantasy sports is the only feature available in every state. the reason being is fantasy sports is not real and if you check out our other article on this, we explain that the concept of fantasy sports is based on hypothetical questions and what if’s that do not really relate to much of what is going on during a sporting event. so they can legally offer something like this to any state anywhere. the features like sportsbooks is not legal in every state but they do not tell you that because if you are in a state with only fantasy sports you will loose a lot more money and pay more than someone who could use the sportsbook feature and take 20 dollars and make 200 with one game. so in short we can logically come to the conclusion that both of these companies are ripping people off by not being able to provide the same features to every state. when you have a scenario of some states using fantasy sports and other states using real sports/ sportsbook, you are simply ripping people off in the fantasy world while the sportsbook users have a more fair advantage. have you ever used their fantasy sports and noticed that the same people win every day? this is another disadvantage and further explains how some people are getting ripped off. the fantasy sports should be just like the sportsbook feature or comparable, not some fantasy that makes no sense to most people.

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Fantasy Sports sportsbooks

okay to make things fair or stop ripping people off, these companies have to do

  • Make changes to fantasy sports that evens the playing field
  • bring the same features to all states and not just a few here and there
  • get rid of fantasy and make a real option with a new scoring system that is comparable to states that have sportsbooks features.
  • create a new scoring system that is comparable to sportsbook or one that the same people cannot simply win every single day.
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so yes you are being ripped off because both draft kings and fan duel do not offer the same features fairly to every state nor do they offer a fantasy option comparable to the sportsbook feature that is not in every state vice versa. you can simply max out all bets using fantasy option and loose everything within 20 minutes, but take a 20 dollar bill and use the sportsbook feature and make a easy 200 dollars after one game and it relates to real sports and is easier to use and win versus fantasy uses hypotheticals and questions that do not have anything to do with a player or coaches play.

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