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we are a site about dating and trends so this is a trending question that we have brought you our answer to. Hip-hop and rap continues to evolve and still going strong today. The talent pool has changed to but the music genre was supposed to dry up and become irrelevant due to the lack of consistency with rap and hip-hop. That opinion died out and we can thank these top 10 rappers that we are about to list for you for not only carrying the business, but also helping inspire and motivate and provide fuel for the upcoming rap/hip-hop talent. This list was put together based on record stats, popularity, and relevancy. So Lets get right to the top 10 rappers of all time.

  1. Jayz
  2. Kanye West
  3. Biggie
  4. Tupac
  5. Snoop Dog
  6. Lil Wayne
  7. 50 cent
  8. NWA
  9. Nas
  10. #Ludacris (Ludacris)

This was no easy decision with making most of these picks. As time goes on this list will stand more solid as these guys have solidified their legacies on the top and deserve to be called hall of famers. if you ask most young and upcoming talent who inspired them to rap, the names they choose would come from this list.

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