Other Trends – Was Jesus Jewish?

Well there is a lot of trends currently floating around and we have found a interesting one to dive into and discuss a bit with you. it revolves around Christianity and is a popular question that we will give our best to give a straight educated, researched answer to and that is was Jesus Christ Jewish?

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Lets get right into it, if you google the question of was Jesus Jewish, you will get very many results that attempt to say yes and our answer to this question is, the true answer is no based on our research and beliefs. the main reason people have believed that Jesus was Jewish is because many scholars linked him to ancestors who they believed were Jewish. that is not sufficient enough to say that Jesus is Jewish. Hose who are Christians know that Jesus was a miracle child of god and was like no other man(Mathew1). He was the only perfect soul to live and walk the earth.

for those who may still want to believe Jesus was Jewish can take a look at the famous books of john chapter 8 which is frequently referenced. in that chapter for the ones who believe Jesus was Jewish should pay attention to the fact that he was an outcast, different than the jews who thought he was different and later killed Jesus Christ. he was not accepted by other Jewish people, instead he was killed for being different and not like the other Jewish people. so how can a Jewish person kill another Jewish person because he is different? that question and answer sums it up perfectly without needing do any kind of research(john8).

So to sum up this trend, we have learned that for Christians who practice and live by god’s word within the bible can assume that Jesus Christ was not Jewish. For more logical thinkers, we can still say the same thing as the fact remains the other Jewish people did not see or believe Jesus was a Jewish person and killed him, this really needs no explanation as Jewish people would not kill other Jewish people just because they are different.

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