New Relationship Advice: 7 Things To Look Out For, For Women

When you start a new relationship with someone, it is easy to see everything as being perfect and good, but miss some tell-tales signs that there are problems. You may overlook things, because you think that you have bagged your perfect man. However, the 7 points below are things you ...

Simple Flirting Advice For Guys In Their 20s

Listen, if there is every a time in your life when flirting is easy; it has to be in your 20s. You have your whole life ahead of you, and this time is definitely a learning experience for any guy. So if there are a few rejections along the way, it's important not to sweat them, because those who ...

What Happens If You Call Him Too Much? Dating Advice For Women

When you're in a relationship with a man that you are crazy about, what happens if you call him too much? Will he embrace it and think you're delightful because you want to talk to him as often as you do or will it irritate him and cause tension between the two of you? Obviously the answer varies ...

Waiting For Your Boyfriend to Call? Dating Advice For Women

Sitting and patiently waiting for your boyfriend to call is both admirable and self defeating. It's something all of us have done though. Our man says he'll call to make plans with us so we wait, and wait and wait. He doesn't call when he says he will. A few hours pass, we get frustrated so we ...

How to Make a Man Chase After You – Dating Advice For Women

Learning how to make a man chase after you is a skill every woman should acquire. We all dream of being pursued by the man of our dreams, someone who is exactly what we've always envisioned in a partner. Unfortunately most of us end up being the ones chasing the man and that rarely ends well. ...

Online Dating Advice for Women That You Need to Know

Online dating is a new realm for many women. It can be daunting, as well as confusing, so here's some need-to-know online dating advice for women to make navigating the online dating "jungle" a little bit easier.1. Make your profile great.One of the keys to successful online dating is a well ...

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